ontzi participates in the Pitching Day organized by EIT Food at B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao to meet innovative startups

Companies and organizations of the ontzi community | The Basque Food Packaging Innovation Hub participated today in the PitchingDay organised by EIT Food at the BAT B Accelerator Tower in Bilbao, with the aim of learning about the innovative solutions offered by various European startups to move towards more sustainable food packaging options.

There is an increasing range of sustainable packaging available on the market, and today, in the Pitching organized by EIT Food, we have been able to learn first-hand about the lines on which Startups are working in Europe:

– Food waste: AgriFoodX from the UK, among other products they are researching, have developed fibres from food waste that provide greater strength and lightness to paper packaging. Outlander Materials in the Netherlands develops non-plastic films from food waste.

– Waste from fish products: MarinaTex in the UK manufactures films that are stronger than LDPE from fish scales and skins. Relicta – Innovation of Packaging from Italy has developed a transparent film, soluble in water and biodegradable also from fish skin.

– Bio-based: Pack2Earth in Barcelona markets films and injectables made from plants and mineral elements, which are reusable up to 200 times and compostable.

– Paper: Blue Ocean Closures of Sweden, offers caps from paper fibers obtained through pressure and high temperatures, which are compostable and recyclable. MakeGrowLab in Poland has developed fibres that allow more recycled material to be added to packaging. Papkot® has developed a ceramic coating applicable to any type of paper, keeping it biodegradable and recyclable.

– Smart packaging: Senoptica Technologies of Ireland has developed a printed sensor for protective atmospheres that provides up-to-date product status information.

– Reuse: zeroimpack eco-packaging from Italy is committed to the reuse of packaging in caterings, communities, events… They have packaging, logistics, tracking software, etc.